I was so flattered to be asked by Crate and Barrel to host the launch of their festive season event. Once again, my day job seems to be moving in perfect synergy with my love of DIY.

The event activities included making traditional Gluhwein, wreathmaking and how to wrap the perfect gift. I learnt how to tie the perfect bow from floral expert and fellow craft-lover Nadine Shamas. Nadine and I both agreed we wanted to see more crafters and DIY activities happening here in Dubai.

Here are some images of the gorgeous Crate and Barrel store and the festive Tree Lot. The event was packed!

You can also watch the video here:

This is so easy and makes such a beautiful gift for friends (especially men who you never know what to gift).

You will need: Feta cheese, rosemary, black pepper, chilli flakes, olive oil and a nice jar.

Cut the feta in 2cm cubes. Stack into the jars alternating with the rosemary, pepper and chilli flakes.

When you have layered as much feta as you can, pour olive oil over it so that all the cheese is covered, seal and then refrigerate.

Here are some other presentation options:

Here is a video of how to make it as well:

I was recently in Australia and hit by a wave of nostalgia for the cuisine of my childhood. It’s no surprise to me that I began to lose a lot of weight when I left Perth, my childhood diet consisted of Chicken Treat Hot Chicken Rolls and cheese sausages.

There are some days however, that having a moderate sampling of childhood treats can do wonders for the soul. My Mum is very ill at the moment and it’s been a tough time. This DIY is dedicated to her and a childhood spent eating Kellogg’s LCMs. These are my DIY version of the popular lunchbox treat.

Now you’re going to see many more simple non-bake food DIYs on the site soon, especially food for gifts that can also be packaged nicely into pretty boxes. My apartment has a hopeless oven that even my pastry-chef cousin Paula could not manage to bake well in when she visited. So all recipes will be simple and non-bake.

You will need:

250g pink and white marshmallows

185g white eating chocolate

5 cups of Rice Bubbles

1) Chop your marshmallows in half and break your chocolate up:

2. Take a baking tray and line with baking paper.

3. Combine marshmallows and chocolate into a medium saucepan; stir on low heat until it looks like this:

4. Have your Rice Bubbles on stand by and stir into the mixing bowl the marshmallow/chocolate mixture. You’ll need to move really fast here and be quite forceful as the marshmallow dries super quickly:

5. Press the mixture firmly with a flat spatula into the baking tray, you can even smooth the surface with wet hands (I didn’t do it here due to time constraints):

6. Refrigerate for 3 hours and then cut into squares.

This blog is dedicated to Mummy Heng (above, on her wedding day), that she may make a speedy recovery from her stroke. She never was very good at making cakes and slices but boy did she teach me everything else I know about DIY! Love you, Mum.

Recently I’ve been spotting loads of news in my favourite international magazines about the return of DIY.

This article in the January issue of Red and sees four women who quit their day jobs to follow their dreams of doing DIY for a living. The story which strikes me as the most inspirational is “The Sociable Knitter.” It’s the story of three sisters who opened a venue in Scotland where women can knit while also dining.

It’s now become my dream to open up a venue where women can DIY cool things (not just knit) and eat some very nice food. I’ll keep saving my pennies.

Hope you like the articles!


Before this site was created I was given my own Bubble Tea flavour by the lovely folks at Bubbles & Boba. I was very flattered by it. You can read all about it here.

I adore the brand and was so happy when they jumped on the DIY trend! Now you can take the fun bubbles home and have it when your mates come around.

The lovely people from Bubbles & Boba have given me one of these great kits for your to win. All you have to do is:

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3) Follow Cheapnchic on Twitter.

When that’s done simply write your email in the comments section below this post. You must be logged into Facebook to do so. I’ve done an example for you below.

Good Luck! I’ll be picking the winner on Friday January 11th.