It was a dream of mine when I started this blog to be able to collaborate with cool brands like GAP to come up with cool projects for their events. Their “Made to Love” event in Dubai was exactly what I dreamed of. Noughties RnB played while grown men crafted their own bow ties, I would love to do events like this for the rest of my life.

I devised 3 different quick projects, a 5 minute no-sew bow tie, denim bangle and denim detachable collar. All of these were made from old GAP stock, so it was right inline with this blog also.

Take a look at the video and images:

I have to be honest with you, I have loved corsages since Patricia Field stuck then all over SJP in “Sex and the City.” It seemed quite fitting to be hosting Digital Fashion Week in Singapore last weekend wearing a corsage flower I made when Patricia had been the guest of honour at last year’s event. Here are some of my favourite moments captured with the flower while working (including interviewing superstar designer Holly Fulton in it and opening the whole live streaming coverage).

Thanks also to Perth (my home town) designer Steph Audino for the orange dress I wore.

So here’s how you can make one of these babies for yourself!

Firstly, You will need: stiff, gauzy fabric (mesh and tulle work well), fabric scissors, pink thread, needles and brooch pin.

Cut circles out of the fabric by folding it in half and cutting semi circles. They don’t have to be perfect. I chose to have mine with a diameter of approximately 12cm.

Continue creating circles until you have 15-20 depending on the volume you desire in the flower.

Fold the circles in half and then quarters irregularly.

Draw the needle and thread through the pointed end to secure.

When all the circles have been drawn onto the thread, tie off.

Sew on your brooch pin.

Then you will have your finished pin which will look like a crazy big flower!

So my first episode on has just launched and we have by far the most likes! I can’t believe how fast the traction has been! I’ve shown you here how to make this veil before but video is always such a great way to watch DIY content.

DIY Dior Veil

How cool is this! Our very first give away on I could have done this on but I adored the images so much I wanted to do it here. The lovely people at Mikyajy want to share the Christmas cheer and we’ll be giving this massive hamper of products valued at AED 500 until the 15th of December.

The hampers include a Groovy Compacts Tempting Treats kit, Beautiful Gifts Ice Princess Pack, Minx Stuck on You Tattoo Pen, Groovy Compact Coffee Eyes and a Sabaya Line and Define Pencil.

It’s so easy to win, just follow on Twitter and “like” Mikyajy on Facebook here. When you’ve done both things simply comment below this post with your email address so we can get in contact with you.

* Note: You will have to be logged into Facebook to comment, I’ve done an example below for you to see.

Check out the amazing products from their 22K collection which Miyajy gifted me as well.! Swoon! The eyebrow palette is DIVINE!

More about Mikyajy soon on this blog.

I’m very luck in my job to get a lot of gifts and freebies. But sometimes the simplest things are the mos beautiful. Take a look below at the vintage (what I believe to be Lebanese) tin given to me from S*uce for Ramadan. I’ve modelled for S*uce before for their annual dress design contest. You can see the pics here. It was a great shoot.

Here’s the cute tin:

Look at the goodies inside!

Inside: Pink tulle doused in glitter. Just magical and so “haberdashery” chic

I am doing my room in a Cath Kidson/PipSudio vintage make over and this tin works perfectly.

Pop in a plant and it’s like being sent to another era! It’s also such a great example of how simple it is to be cheap’n'chic!