The Dubai World Cup is around the corner and I am judging the fashion this year for the Jaguar Style Stakes 2013. My mind has been running on DIY headpieces for ages. I was inspired by this clipping I saw while on holiday in Malaysia from Marie Claire:

I fell in LOVE! I researched and found out that the label behind the headpiece, Sereni & Shentel, is Asia-based and once I got back to Dubai there was no way to purchase it. I would have to make my own. However, if I had a chance to buy it, I may well do!

So I got busy and bought the closest materials I could find for the DIY:

What you’ll need: ribbon in varying widths, thin/malleable wire, headband, iron, glue gun, needle and thread and diamante stud.

How to:

1) Begin by using an iron to manually pleat the ribbon in a consertina fashion.

2) Measure out approximately the length needed to create a pinwheel once the ribbon is pleated.

3) Once pleated, create a circular pin wheel by running your needle and thread through the bottom corner of one end of the ribbon and pull the thread tight gathering the pinwheel at through to the other end, this will form the centre. Tie and knot.

4) Glue the edges of the ribbon with the glue gun to seal the lengths of ribbon into a complete wheel.

5) To finish the centre of the largest wheel, (this will be seen on top), glue a diamante to finish. I used an old faux diamond studded earring that lost it’s pair.

6) Once you’ve finished the 3 pin wheels, use the wire to hook into the centre of the wheel and attach to the headband. This means that you begin with the smallest wheels and finish  with the large green one on top. They will “hover” on top of eachother overlapped.

Here’s the finished product been modelled by me in my United Colours of Bennetton shoot.

For more on those amazing Sereni and Shentel ladies check out their website

Thanks to Bella Foronda for the photography and Ushi Sato for styling and Chez Sushi by Sho Chos for the location.

A little while ago I was approached by Christine at the GEMS Maker Day she said she’d like to exhibit and do a demonstration of a fashion DIY.

Check out the pictures of this amazing community day at Dubai Silicon Oasis:

A highlight of the Day was meeting HRH “Green Sheikh” Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi who I spoke to about advocating young women to upcycle and thriftshop their clothes as opposed to buying more and it ending up in land fill. It was a great moment.

Here are some of the amazing upcycled fashion items made by the fashion school students from Sharjah who exhibited on the day:

On top of that, loads of fans showed up for the DIY Fashion demo. I’ve got the full project on here soon.

Thankyou so much to my intern Poroma Pant who set everything up. She’s amazing!

Thanks GEMS Maker Faire for asking me to be involved.

If you love art and design then my fave city is currently under siege by art lovers from around the globe. This year Design Days Dubai has included craft under that umbrella.

Design Days Dubai is the first fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. Their goal is to present, both regional and internationally, the best of design to collectors and a wide audience of design enthusiasts.

The British Craft Council was invited to take part this year. The Crafts Council’s goal is to make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft. For the first time, the British Crafts Council brough a group of leading UK-based contemporary craft makers to Design Days Dubai.

One of the craftsmen Max Lamb ran a workshop on  a DIY Chair, making craft accessible to all. I went along, check out the pics below.

The workshop started with a demonstration: how to use a drill, read a piece of wood, to know which way to use it and if its got grain running in a certain way or a knot then you should turn it around so you’re not misusing the wood.  As soon he showed us how to do it, everyone was so keen to get on. Nobody wanted to leave at the end of the workshop.

So how can you get involved with the British Craft Council at Design Days Dubai?

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