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Summer and Sun Protection, Avène's Answer

21 July 2022

With summer just around the corner, the use of sunscreen becomes essential, but questions about what sunscreen is the best for you might come up. Find out Avène's answer!


With summer just around the corner and temperatures rising, the demand for sun protection cosmetics in pharmacies and health centers arises. However, questions from consumers with more vulnerable skin seem to repeat year after year.

  • Very sensitive and allergic skin to the sun
  • Pregnancy - Which sunscreen should I use?
  • Tattoos - How can I protect the skin at the highest level?
  • Safe and effective sun protection for baby skin
  • Very white skin that never tans and easily takes on a reddish tinge
  • Cancer treatments
  • Damaged skin after dermatological treatments

Or even consumers with normal skin, but subject to extreme sun exposure conditions, such as in tropical countries, mountains or even outdoor sports!


Intense Protect 50+ is the new Avène answer to all these questions. The new sunscreen 100% photostable, with an ultra-water resistant texture and tested in extreme conditions, hits the market with an absolutely unique innovation: a state-of-the-art sun filter, TriAsorB. It is the 1st sun filter totally developed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories after 20 years of research and development. A sun filter inspired by nature and biomimetic, which simulates the photoprotective power of melanin. Just out of curiosity, did you know that it is extremely rare for a laboratory to develop its own sun filter?

But why is this filter so innovative?

TriAsorB has the ability to absorb UVB radiation, UVA and high energy visible light, also known as blue light. The innovation does not stop there because the TriAsorB also has the ability to reflect this same blue light, a feature normally attributed only to physical filters. This is the new generation of solar filters, without nanoparticles, which provides high cellular protection of the DNA and it's highly safe, without skin penetration. TriAsorB, together with the 3 other filters that make up the formula of the new Intense Protect 50+, form a system of biodegradable filters, which respect marine biodiversity and, therefore, are perfectly aligned with the brand's project, Skin Protect Ocean Respect.

With a hybrid, ultra-light texture that penetrates the skin in 3 seconds, it intensely hydrates the skin preventing dehydration. The texture is presented in a nude tone for a transparent and totally unnoticeable finish.

Intense Protect 50+, the only sunscreen that meets the highest demands of the skin, but also of the environment!