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Joana Álvares

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Theme: Green Beauty / Waterless beauty


A small wonder in a round and fragrant bar, a solid shampoo that offers a perfect final result, with a gourmet apricot smell combined with the sweetness of tea. Right from the start, this shampoo conquers with its sweet and soft aroma!





More About Joana Álvares

Joana Álvares

I'm Joana Álvares, 45 years old. I am CEO and Founder of the Beautyst.pt Project. This project, created by me, is online since May 6, 2019. Beautyst is a derma and beauty care platform made together with dermatologists and doctors of other specialties, with the goal of providing useful and credible information about skin, body and hair care. In this project I also share good beauty solutions with the goal of becoming true pillars of self-esteem. The Beautyst.pt project is also an incubator / showcase of Portuguese brands in the area of skin and hair care.


I worked 15 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Marketing Management.

I have a degree in Interior Architecture. I never practiced Architecture but I still have a passion for photography and communication design and in the Beautyst project I have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. I also have 3 post-graduate degrees in the areas of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Digital Marketing, areas that I am really passionate about! My background is very diverse and in my day to day life I am lucky to put into practice these various skills. I love photography and writing, I have design and digital training and experience in the health field.

The Beautyst.pt project is the culmination of my accumulated professional experience and my own journey as a woman and is a reference platform consulted by many thousands of people every month!