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Age Purify, the 1st anti-aging range for skin with a trend to imperfections for a smoother and purified skin after 7 days.


Inspired by 5 techniques of aesthetic medicine, for an intensive smoothing action of the 5 types of wrinkles of the face and neck. Proven effective in reducing all types of wrinkles, from the finest to the deepest!


Laboratoires Filorga was founded by Michel Tordjman, a French doctor of aesthetic medicine and enthusiastic cellular biologist.
He developed hyaluronic acid-based injectable products for the medical profession and created NCTC, an anti-ageing mesotherapy product that subsequently became the brand's best-selling NCTF product. NCTC was rebranded NCEF, an anti-aging mesotherapy that revitalises and hydrates tired or dull skin and removes lines. The effectiveness of this unique, CE-labelled compound has been proven through various in vitro and in vivo studies.

In 2007, Laboratoires Filorga launched MEDI-COSMETIQUE, a range of over-the-counter cosmetic products for general consumers, inspired directly by non-surgical anti-ageing procedures. Check out the brand that gives a medicalized treatment to your skin....

  1. Filorga - Time-Filler 5xp Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream 50mL
  2. Filorga - Time-Filler Eyes 5XP 15mL


    Time-Filler Eyes 5XP 15mL

    HK$ 366.46 HK$ 488.59 

  3. Filorga - Optim Eyes, Anti Dark Circles, Puffiness and Wrinkles Eye Contour 15mL
  4. Filorga - NCEF Shot Supreme Polyrevitalising Concentrate 15mL
  5. Filorga - Sleep & Lift Ultralifting Night Cream 50mL
  6. Filorga - Hydra-Hyal Hydrating Plumping Serum 30mL
  7. Filorga - NCEF-Night Mask for Supreme Multicorrection 50mL
  8. Filorga - Global-Repair Multi-Revitalising Nutritive Balm 50mL
  9. Filorga - Global-Repair Advanced Elixir 30mL
  10. Filorga - Time-Filler Intensive Wrinkle Multicorrection Serum 30mL
  11. Filorga - NCEF Intensive Supreme Regenerating Serum 30mL
  12. Filorga - Global- Repair Eyes & Lips Multi-Revitalising Contour Cream 15mL
  13. Filorga - Time-Filler Absolute Wrinkle Correction Gel-Cream 50mL
  14. Filorga - Foam Cleanser 150mL


    Foam Cleanser 150mL

    HK$ 160.95 HK$ 216.15 

  15. Filorga - Hydra-Hyal Hydrating Plumping Cream 50mL
  16. Filorga - NCEF-Reverse Eyes Multicorrection Eye Contour Cream 15mL
  17. Filorga - UV Defence Anti-Ageing and Anti-Brown Spot Sun Care 40mL SPF50+
  18. Filorga - Oxygen-Glow Super-Perfecting Radiance Cream 50mL
  19. Filorga - Meso-Mask Anti-Wrinkle Lightening Mask 50mL
  20. Filorga - Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution Cleanser 400mL
  21. Filorga - Oxygen-Glow Eyes Super-Smoothing Radiance Eye Care 15mL
  22. Filorga - Global-Repair Advanced Cream 50mL
  23. Filorga - Oxygen-Glow CC Cream 40mL Tinted
  24. Filorga - Oxygen-Peel Micropeeling Reoxigenanting Lotion 150mL
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